A family history
since 1943

Tenute Corso embraces the story of three generations inspired by the passion for nature.

It all began in 1943 when Salvatore Corso began to cultivate a strip of land located a few hundred metres from the source of the Ciane river, managing to create one of the most luxuriant lemon groves in the province of Syracuse.

The love for the land, the techniques and the secrets for the cultivation of a unique product, such as the Femminello Lemon variety, were handed down over the years and, to his son Francesco, goes the merit of being one of the first farmers to glimpse organic cultivation methods as the foundation for the creation of a unique product, which could transmit the flavours and scents of the Sicilian land in its authenticity.

Today, after three generations, Roberto, with the same love and passion that characterised his predecessors, while respecting the environment, continues to cultivate, expand and promote a product of excellence, such as the Femminello Lemon variety from Syracuse.

A special place

The farm extends along 15 hectares in the plain of the Ciane river, a few kilometres from Syracuse.
A special place, which is warmed by the Mediterranean sun, bathed by the waters of the river and where you can appreciate the scents of an uncontaminated land.

The uniqueness of the place and the dedication in cultivating the lemon fruit have allowed Tenute Corso to obtain the name Lemon of Syracuse PGI (Limone di Siracusa IGP), a trademark that is protected by the Consortium bearing the same name.

The PGI denomination certifies that it has been grown, harvested and treated according to strict protocols and guarantees a lemon:

• Originating only from lemon groves in the province of Syracuse
• Belonging to the Syracusan Femminello Lemon variety
• Grown and harvested according to tradition

The production

The pride of Tenute Corso’s production is the Syracusan Femminello lemon variety. Lemons are suggestive of summer, but actually they are mostly a winter fruit.

Most of the production is concentrated in the period between October and April with the Primofiore lemon variety, passing on, between May and June, to the Bianchetto lemon variety and, finally, from July to September to the ripening of the Verdellolemon variety.

Each fruit is harvested by careful hands, cut at the stem with the help of snippers, which are small scissors made specifically for harvesting, and each is transported and stored with care


The varieties

The Primofiore lemon variety ripens from October to March, it has an elliptical shape, with a peel and pulp varying in colour, from light green to citrine yellow.

The Bianchetto lemon variety ripens from April to June, it is elliptical, ovoid with a light yellow lemon peel.

The Verdello lemon variety ripens between July and September, it has an elliptical-spherical shape and a light green lemon peel.

Benefits of theSyracusan Femminello lemon variety

Being the citrus fruit that has the highest content of vitamin C and of citric acid, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body, the Femminello lemon variety can boast many beneficial properties.

Fresh, thirst-quenching and detoxifying, it is particularly recommended for a proper nutrition and for the treatment of many diseases, as well as being highly appreciated for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, the Syracuse lemon is the main character of a clinical study demonstrating the effectiveness of its juice in the prevention of kidney stones.


Syracuse PGI lemons are exceptional fruits having several qualities.
The PGI trademark, together with the company’s organic farming certification, guarantee the presence of unique characteristics of its kind.

The peel: has a fine and very aromatic grain, from which essential oils of the highest quality are extracted. Being a fruit made exclusively with certified organic cultivation methods, the peel is entirely edible.

The fruit: is generally divided into eight or ten wedges, with a medium acid pulp and few seeds.

The juice: the Syracuse Femminello is one of the finest lemon varieties in Italy for its organoleptic properties: the fruit, very fragrant, contains 30% more juice as compared to other lemons.


Not just lemons



Finger lime


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